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The Local Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Expert


Heating problems can happen anytime, and when they do happen, what you need is an HVAC expert that offers quality and affordable HVAC service. If you are in the market for a reliable HVAC contractor in Flushing, MI, then you came to the right place! Lyons Heating & Cooling is the repair expert that will make sure that all your problems are solved during the first visit. One of the services that we specialize in is heating repair services.

Thorough Inspection
As a trusted local air conditioning and heating expert, we will make sure that all of the problems with your heating system are detected and solved, and that is why we will begin our quality heating repair service with a thorough inspection of your entire system. From the furnace to the individual pipes, we will make sure that the main problem is detected. Also, if we see any problems that might become major issues in the future, we will include these as well. As a quality and affordable heating contractor, we will make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Quality Repairs
We are a local AC contractor that takes heating repairs seriously, and that is why for our expert heating repair service, we will make sure that once we are done with the repairs, you won’t have any problems with your heating system anytime soon. Our technicians will ensure that the problem is solved right away so that you can enjoy the full benefits of your heating system again in no time. As a trusted heating and air conditioning contractor, you can trust us to bring back the performance and efficiency of your heating system.

If you are looking for a trusted local air conditioning contractor in Flushing, MI, then you came to the right place! Call Lyons Heating & Cooling now at (810) 422-9008, and we will provide you with quality yet affordable HVAC contractor services in .


Quality Air Conditioning Repair Services


Problems with your cooling system can sprout out of nowhere, and if you find yourself dealing with a malfunction on your AC units, call the experts here at Lyons Heating & Cooling right away and our team in Flushing, MI will send a reliable air conditioning technician to your home right away to fix the problem before things get too uncomfortable for you.

Expert Diagnosis
Cooling problems require expert diagnosis, especially since the problem might be caused by several factors. Instead of assuming what the issue is, our expert AC service technicians will get down to the bottom of the problem by inspecting your system and finding the main problem. Once we find the main issue, that is the time that we can start with the air conditioning repairs. We might find some small issues along the way. We will inform you about these issues and what is the best solution.

Quality Repairs and Checks
With our expert air conditioning repair services, your cooling systems will be as good as new. Our expert technicians will make sure that the main issue is repaired, as well as any other problems that we have detected during our routine check of your system. Once we are done with the repairs, we will perform a quick calibration of your unit to ensure that your unit is indeed fully repaired. We might do additional repairs if there is a problem encountered during the calibration. As a trusted AC contractor, we will make sure that the problem is fully repaired before we call it a day.

You can trust Lyons Heating & Cooling for quality AC repairs. Our expert technicians are all experienced and skilled and can repair any type of cooling unit ranging from old models to the newer and more advanced ones. For quality cooling repairs in Flushing, MI, call us at (810) 422-9008 now so that we can send an expert technician to your location right away. We also offer 24-hour emergency services.


The AC Contractor You Can Trust for Installations


If you want your new cooling unit to provide your home with comfort for years to come, you will need to find the right AC contractor for the job. If you are looking for an expert HVAC company to install your new system or upgrade your current one, Lyons Heating & Cooling is here to provide you with quality installation services in Flushing, MI. So why trust us to install your new system for you?

Quality Inspections
In order for us to install the right unit for your home, we will perform a thorough inspection first. As a trusted AC contractor, we will not just install units in your home right away. Installing the wrong cooling units will result in increased energy bills and inefficient cooling, and we do not want these to happen. Instead, we will make sure that we install the right units by having one of our professional residential HVAC technicians inspect your home and get information such as cooling requirements and power demands. This way, we will be able to know which unit is best for your home.

Expert Installations
If the installation is not done properly, you will end up with a system that might malfunction soon. As a trusted AC contractor, we will make sure that the installation is done right by making sure that your cooling unit is a snug fit to the slot that we have prepared. From window units to floor AC units, we will make sure that these are installed properly, and all of the wires and pipes are connected the right way. With our professional HVAC service, you will have a more efficient cooling system that will not experience any breakdowns anytime soon.

If you want a true expert to install your new AC system, call Lyons Heating & Cooling now at (810) 422-9008, or you can also talk to us in Flushing, MI if you want to talk to one of our expert technicians personally.